24 Back to School Crafts for Preschoolers with Cutting

Entertainment24 Back to School Crafts for Preschoolers with Cutting

24 Back to School Crafts for Preschoolers with Cutting

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Celebrate this time of year with back to school crafts for your preschooler. These all have cutting elements in it to practice scissor skills.

My kids are officially back to school again after a majorly fun summer (and exhausting for this mom…)!!

How was your summer!??

Are you relieved your kids are back in school?

Or is this your first time sending your oldest off to school?

This year I’m finding out what’s the toughest, sending the oldest for the first time, or sending your youngest for the last time… yikes.

So in honor of back to school… it’s time to be getting into crafts with back to school theme!

With these crafts you can get your preschooler working on those cutting skills!

And they get to be creative and make a work of art instead of just another worksheet.

That makes these back to school crafts a cut above the rest, right? (Ha. You like that play on words there?)

So, when I think of back to school, I think of 3 main things:

  • back to school supplies and classrooms (pencils, books, crayons, buses, backpacks, the school)
  • apples for the teacher
  • and learning their name.

Back to School Crafts with Cutting Practice

Shopping for supplies doesn’t have to be all hard work. Make it fun by using them to make some of these fun back to school crafts!

From crayons to pencils to the school bus your child will ride on, these crafts all have a cutting element to help their cutting skills!

  1. Aren’t these colorful crayon collages from The Autism Helper perfect for cutting practice?
  2. A Dab of Glue Will Do cut simple shapes to make a pencil crafts for back to school.
  3. Make adorable pencil toppers to start the school year off right! Snip the hair of the monsters from Red Ted Art!
  4. Kids can cut away to make this school bus discovery bottle from Moms and Crafters!
  5. What a simple school bus tissue paper collage to make from Glues to My Crafts Blog! Cut the tissue paper and glue it on!
  6. Instead of pre-cut circles, have preschooler snip small pieces of paper to make this school bus craft from JDaniel4’s Mom.
  7. Have the kids snip up tissue paper to make these pretty stained glass bookmarks from First Palette.
  8. Finish off the first day of school with cutting out a backpack crafts from Teacher Idea Factory! And spend some time talking about their favorite part of going back to school.

Find more Back to School Craft here!

How about these apples for some back to school crafts?

Make an apple for the teacher, or just for some good ol’ fall decorations, and practice cutting along the way!

All of these apple crafts have cutting that your preschooler can do!

  1. Get snipping to make these red apples from My Montessori Journey.
  2. Cut up pieces of paper to make an apple tree craft!
  3. Paper plates are a great medium to cut on, and you can make an apple core craft like the one from Layers of Bethany.
  4. Kids will love cutting up pieces of tissue paper to make this stained glass apple craft from Kinder Craze.
  5. Teach with Me works on cutting along curves to make a spiral apple! So pretty to hang!
  6. Teach with Me also turns a paper apple into a puzzle by cutting it apart!
  7. Cut out a paper apple and stuff it like No Time for Flash Cards.
  8. Mix cut up pieces of paper and paint to make this apple collage, also from No Time for Flash Cards.

Click here for more back to school apple crafts!

Name Activities That Work on Scissor Skills

The main thing preschoolers learn during the year is how to spell their name!

Kick off the year with these cute name activities that also work on cutting skills!

They’ll be snipping out paper in no time!

  1. Grab a magazine and start snipping out letters ! I shared this on PBS Parents as a way to learn sight words, but spell out their name!
  2. I also shared on PBS Parents a name puzzle! Write their name on a piece of paper and have your child cut them apart to make a name puzzle.
  3. Add a drawing to the back of a name puzzle, like this rainbow name puzzle, as more help! Let the child cut the pieces apart!
  4. Or make the name puzzle into a shape that’s seasonal, like this apple name puzzle from Mamas Like Me. (I realize that’s to a pin on Pinterest and would love to have a full link to their blog post if anyone can help me find that.)
  5. Totschooling has a special back to school bus craft to use to spell and cut apart names too!
  6. Cut apart letters of their name and glue them onto a piece of paper like Mrs Lee’s Kindergarten did.
  7. Kids will love cutting little pieces of paper to trace their name with paper (from Splish Splash Splatter).
  8. Dali’s Moustache has turned initials into art with these paper letter mosaics.

Find lots of Name Activities for Preschoolers here

Is cutting new for your preschooler?

If your child is new to cutting activities, please read our tips for cutting at the bottom of this linked post.

Go ahead and share these back to school cutting crafts and activities!

Thank you!

Celebrate this time of year with back to school crafts that all have cutting elements in it for your preschooler to practice scissor skills.